EIT holds a unique position across different industries, we understand the trends, new technologies and the people needs that organizations typically have. We use our sophisticated algorithms to match the right candidate for the right requirements, whether it is an urgent, tactical need or a strategic position to be filled. Our database of certified IT administrators, programmers, architects and business analysts with many years of experience in the automotive, manufacturing, banking, government and healthcare industries helps your organization make the right choice every time. Our experienced teams have delivered several projects to many of our clients.

Today’s vehicles have many electronic components which are served by various software applications, and their factories, offices and sales centers are automated with software solutions such as ERP, CRM etc., companies operating in these fields are in constant need of talented staff to support them on various information technology based initiatives.

We support all of them by providing valuable inputs in terms of how the industry works on information technology enablement, what the recent trends are, helping them make their IT staff plans a reality. We understand this industry better than any other IT staffing service provider and we analyze specific requirements each automotive / manufacturing company has, matching the right talents as per their needs. EIT works closely with number of major automotive and manufacturing companies to understand their IT requirements, supporting them on their IT initiatives on various scales.

Banks and financial institutions are constantly adding information technology resources and support staff to scale up their services. In addition, they have massive amount of data that they handle, analyze and use it to make right decisions, Federal regulations expect them to handle this data carefully.

It is important that they get the right resources with the required talent to move fast in this industry, giving best possible support to their customers.

Federal, state, and local governments, demand greater IT efficiency optimization solutions. Our solutions can help to improve government IT services, driving positive results through technological innovation with affordable and leading-edge solutions.

We support public sector IT programs for federal, state and local governments and contractors. Whether you need end-to-end capabilities, training or modular services that can fill gaps in your existing teams and programs, we partner with you to create the best-fit solution. Our unmatched IT talent management expertise enables us to deploy the right government information technology professionals, through the best service delivery models, to help you achieve your goals.

We also dedicate to fulfill the needs of government agencies to streamline their business processes, meet regulatory compliance mandates, integrate new and legacy information systems, and provide better services to citizens at lower cost. We offer a full range of solutions and services to further public sector goals including professional services (staff augmentation), custom software development, consulting and technology-based solutions.

We are a recognized leader in delivering quality services at a competitive price. We have the experience and expertise to meet the quality, technical, regulatory and safety standards of the government.

Healthcare depends on effective, efficient, and secure technologies at every level and will need to adapt to a rapidly transforming industry. We recognize the need for reliable IT applications, systems and processes, we know IT operations must be built and managed with maximum flexibility to comply with the latest requirements.

We offer practical solutions that optimize your value chain. To ensure our solutions generate maximum value, our range of healthcare IT services and supporting delivery methodologies are tailored to address the unique needs of healthcare organizations in each segment. By creating a more flexible and robust IT environment, EIT professionals helps healthcare clients align their technologies with their missions by helping them better leverage their IT investments.